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About Us

The U.F.S family is dedicated to bringing the largest selection of environmentally sustainable building materials from around the world, right to your showroom. We are leading the way in supplying the quality materials your customers want, without sacrificing their carbon footprint.     


Our uncompromising standards ensure that our products are only made from the highest quality materials your customers will come to expect. U.F.S even has exclusive agreements with some

first-class brand names, such as Krono Swiss and Inovar Flooring.     

Additionally our customer service representatives will work tirelessly to match your needs to our wide array of products. As we are focused on servicing you, for all their flooring needs, for many years to come.

Universal Flooring Supply is headquartered in Houston TX, with satellite warehouses in Dallas and San Antonio. Our products are also available for bulk shipping across the entire continental United States.     

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