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  • Opening an Account with UFS:
    If you are interested in opening an account with U.F.S, you must be in possession of a showroom to display our products. If you meet this requirement, please contact us and we will pass your information to that areas sales representative. Which will meet with you to assess your eligibility and provide the necessary account opening forms.
  • Open Line of Credit (Terms):
    U.F.S will extent a line to credit to any eligible party, upon receipt of a positive credit score from your banking institution and two business references. Any and all credit extended to your company will be the personal responsibility of the account holder, and they are liable for all balances due, including costs of collection and any legal fees, should they become necessary.
  • Order confirmations :
    U.F.S will always send a confirmation each time an order is placed, this is to ensure everything from pricing, quantity, material, location, and order type is correct. Confirmations can be accepted via the same means that orders are received in the section above. Failure to confirm an order can result in delays of pick up or ship out of the order.
  • Ship out orders:
    U.F.S will always seek the lowest cost and safest means of shipping for your order. However, if your organization is not satisfied with the available options or would rather arrange your own means of shipping. This is perfectly acceptable, and your organization is under no obligation to utilize the shipping options provided by U.F.S. ​ When having an order shipped to your location, please be sure to make U.F.S aware of any additional assistance that may be needed or limitations of your building. Such as needing a pallet jack or to have liftgate services provided, or if your building lacks a loading dock and cannot accept deliveries from a semi-trailer truck. ​ If packages show visible damage upon arrival, then your company must refuse the merchandise. Otherwise, your company may still be liable for the cost of the material, if a damage claim is refused by the carrier. ​ All damaged or missing items that arrive in boxes that are not visibly damaged, must be reported to Universal Flooring Supply within 5 business days of delivery.
  • Payments:
    U.F.S will accept payments in the form of credit or debit cards, cash, check or money order. ​ For credit or debit card transactions that are done electronically, U.F.S will provide a credit card authorization form. This is done to protect both U.F.S and our Distributors from fraudulent transactions or claims, this form is mandatory regardless of the transaction total and cannot be substituted. However, once the form is completed, you can elect to have that card remain on file for your account and will not have to submit another form, until that card is no longer valid.​ ​ There is a $30 charge for returned checks. Amounts not paid within the specified term will incur daily interest at the rate of 18% annually (or the maximum rate allowed by law, whichever is less) from the invoice date until paid in full. The Distributor agrees to pay all costs of collection including reasonable attorney's fees on all past due accounts or returned checks. ​
  • Material Warranty Policy:
    Warranties apply only to the original purchaser of our products. In the event of claiming warranty service, the retail customer should contact you, the Distributors. The Distributors should call or write Universal Flooring Supply to request a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Any delivery of a returned product without RA # will be refused. Freight delivery and charges to Universal Flooring Supply’s warehouse are the responsibility and the expense of the purchaser. Products subjected to negligence, abuse, misuse, improper maintenance, improper storage, or improper transport is not covered by this warranty. This warranty also does not cover problems caused by moisture damage, or problems caused by failure to follow product installation instructions. In providing warranty service, Universal Flooring Supply will replace flooring materials it finds defective, but is not liable for labor costs or any other costs beyond replacement. No additional warranties are expressed or implied. The warranty shall extend only to the replacement of the product and does not afford additional coverage with respect to any incidental or consequential damages arising from the use or non-use of this product. Warranty and terms are subject to change without prior notice. Additional concerns may be directed to Universal Flooring Supply.
  • Filing a Claim:
    If a Distributor finds defects or faults in any material from U.F.S, then please send photo documentation of the issue discovered, your order reference number, and a brief description of the problem to U.F.S will then conduct an investigation to determine the root cause of the defect. Once the investigation is concluded and the claim is approved, U.F.S will then issue a replacement for all faulty and/or defective material.
  • Account Updates and Policies:
    Distributors shall notify Universal Flooring Supply in writing at least thirty days prior to any change in ownership of your business or of any changes of your business practices. ​ It is the Distributors responsibility to notify Universal Flooring Supply in writing of any changes in employee presence and level of access, as it pertains to account information or ability to place orders on your companies behalf. U.F.S will assume no responsibility of unauthorized purchases or delays that may arise from failing to submit notice. ​ While not required, U.F.S strongly recommends submitting a yearly list of all individuals within your company that specify the actions they may take on the businesses behalf. Such as designating one individual to only have the ability to check stock and pricing, but not create orders. This will ensure your account is always up to date and the correct individuals are being granted your desired level of access and/or information. ​
  • Who Can Purchase From U.F.S:
    U.F.S is strictly wholesale (business to business) and does not retail its products directly to the general public. If you are interested in our products, please contact us, and we are more than happy to help you find a partnered retailer near you.
  • Pricing:
    U.F.S cannot provide pricing of our products to the public, only to authorized retailers that hold active accounts with us.
  • End User Order Pick Up:
    If you, as an End-User, is directly picking up an order at one of U.F.S's warehouse locations, that was purchased through one of our distributors. Please have your reference number ready, this number should be six digits in length, and is required to verify that you are the correct designated recipient of the material purchased. ​ All material should be inspected upon receipt, for accuracy and to ensure it is in satisfactory condition, before signing any documentation.
  • Order Discrepancy:
    If you find a discrepancy in your order, such as quantity, color or type of material, but this discrepancy is not present on U.F.S's documentation. Then you would need to contact the retailer you purchased the order from, as all orders are confirmed and approved by the retailer, before they are released to an End-User. ​ The Distributor would then need to contact U.F.S. to make adjustments to the order, as End-Users are not authorized to make or change orders placed by our Distributors. Nor can U.F.S accept payments/issue refunds on our Distributor’s behalf, as they are a separate entity from U.F.S. and we do not have access to their payment or retail P.O.S system.
  • Warranty & Claims:
    If you find defects or fault in any material from U.F.S, then you would need to contact the Distributor that material was purchased through, and they will file a claim with U.F.S, on your behalf. ​ U.F.S is strictly wholesale, our warranty and terms of service are agreed upon and held by our Distributors. Meaning they are the only party with the ability to file a claim with U.F.S directly. When End-Users purchased material through a Distributor, warranty and terms of service are not transferred and are still only held by the Distributor. ​ Some Distributors may offer additional or extended warranties, this is done at the Distributors soul discretion and expense. As U.F.S does not have knowledge of, offer, guarantee or hold these additional warranties.
  • How to place orders:
    Orders can be accepted by email to:, by calling: 281-208-0000, or by faxing them to: 281-208-0008. If you choose to send your order via email or fax, ensure you specify the material desired, if the order is for ship out or will call, and that it contains the proper P.O and Sidemark, if required by your company.
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