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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

  • U.F.S will always seek the lowest cost and safest means of shipping for your order. However, if your organization is not satisfied with the available options or would rather arrange your own means of shipping. This is perfectly acceptable, and your organization is under no obligation to utilize the shipping options provided by U.F.S. 

  • When having an order shipped to your location, please be sure to make U.F.S aware of any additional assistance that may be needed or limitations of your building. Such as needing a pallet jack or to have liftgate services provided, or if your building lacks a loading dock and cannot accept deliveries from a semi-trailer truck.

  • If packages show visible damage upon arrival, then your company must refuse the merchandise. Otherwise, your company may still be liable for the cost of the material, if a damage claim is refused by the carrier.

  • All damaged or missing items that arrive in boxes that are not visibly damaged, must be reported to Universal Flooring Supply within 5 business days of delivery.

Return & Exchange Policy

  • If you find defects or fault in any material from U.F.S, then you would need to contact the Distributor that material was purchased through, and they will file a claim with U.F.S, on your behalf.

  • U.F.S is strictly wholesale, our warranty and terms of service are agreed upon and held by our Distributors. Meaning they are the only party with the ability to file a claim with U.F.S directly. When End-Users purchased material through a Distributor, warranty and terms of service are not transferred and are still only held by the Distributor.

  • Some Distributors may offer additional or extended warranties, this is done at the Distributors soul discretion and expense. As U.F.S does not have knowledge of, offer, guarantee or hold these additional warranties.    

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